Certificate in Play Therapy

Post Graduate Certificate in Play Therapy

Our Mission

This program provides credentials in the form of a post graduate certificate to professionals in the mental health, counseling and social work fields.  Professionals may also complete part (or all) of the program for continuing education credit. Graduate students interested in enrolling in these courses as electives are encouraged to apply, as well.

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About Us

Temple University Harrisburg is an APT approved provider 07-206 of play therapy continuing education training in Pennsylvania.  Play therapists are trained “in applying the therapeutic power of play to communicate with and treat clients, particularly children.” (see the Association for Play Therapy website at www.a4pt.org)

Courses and Registration

Temple University Harrisburg typically offers one Play Therapy course per semester, in sequence; there may be exceptions (see curriculum description for more details). Courses usually run on half the Saturdays in a standard 16-week semester. We reserve the right to cancel any course due to low enrollment; we cannot guarantee that a student will complete the entire program within five semesters.

Students new to the program should apply by choosing one of the application links below.

Students will earn the Post Graduate Certificate after completing all five courses for credit.

Applicants may now opt to enroll for these courses as noncredit or continuing education classes, as well. Students who choose the noncredit option receive a Certificate of Completion and qualify for continuing education credits. For questions contact pthbg@temple.edu.

Currently enrolled Temple graduate students who are new to Play Therapy Students should discuss this option with an advisor to understand how these courses fit in with program requirements, individual academic plans, and expected graduation date. Any graduate student who knows s/he only wants to enroll in 1 or 2 courses as electives should contact us below for how to do so.

Any continuing student who has already applied to the certificate program and been accepted can register for the available course(s) through Banner (credit) or DestinyOne (noncredit).

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   KaKathy Minnich Photothy Minnich, PhD, LCSW, RPT (Instructor)

   Post Graduate Certificate in Play Therapy Program

Contact us for additional information at pthbg@temple.edu