What is Play Therapy?

  • A two year post graduate certificate program designed to provide behavioral health professionals specialized training in play therapy practice.
  • Offered by Temple University Harrisburg
  • Completion of this certificate program provides documentation of specific formal study, career oriented post graduate training to complement a college or university degree.

Who is eligible to apply?

Applicants must hold a minimum of a master´s degree from an accredited college or university in: social work, counseling, counselor education, psychology, school psychology, rehabilitative counseling, marriage and family therapy or a closely related mental health graduate program.

How do I apply?

Submit a completed graduate application and $75 application fee, along with submission of graduate transcripts, 3 letters of reference (one from an academic source), a goal statement to include prior related experience and future plans upon completion of certificate program. Formal interviews may be held to determine candidates´ ability to understand and integrate diverse viewpoints as well as their capacity and motivation to counsel children and families. Please see Play Therapy Certificate Program Application Instructions for more specific information

Can I take it if I’m an MSW student?

The program is designed to accommodate MSW students. It is possible for students in the MSW program to take up to four courses in the certificate program-completing the remaining program requirements post MSW to be eligible for certification.

Can students from other masters programs take any/all of the courses?

Only if there is space availability, are in a graduate program as defined above, and take the courses in the sequence outlined below.

May I take courses without applying to the certificate program?

Yes. If you would like to enroll in one of the first 3 courses offered, please complete the single course application form and submit it to Lynn Notestine. You must have completed a master’s program to be eligible for this option.

Can I transfer courses from another academic institution?

If you have completed comparable courses at another accredited college or university within 5 years preceding your application to this program and you earned at least a B, you may receive credit for up to two of those courses depending on review and approval by the program coordinator.

Obtaining transfer credit requires the schools you attended to send an official transcript and description of the course to attention of:

Dr. Kathy Minnich, Temple University Harrisburg 234 Strawberry Square Harrisburg, PA 17101

Can the courses in the certificate program apply toward another degree?

Other universities may allow students to transfer the courses to their degree program and courses may be used as electives for certain degree programs.

How many classes do I have to take?

There are five 3 credit courses required to complete this certificate program.

Sequence of Coursework (offered in cohort fashion and must be taken in the sequence outlined-participants must agree to attend all sessions of the program and maintain a GPA of 3.0 to remain in good standing in the program)

Fall - Introduction to Play Therapy

Spring - Play Therapy Techniques

Summer - Play Therapy Applications for Special Populations

Fall - Advanced Play Therapy Practice

Spring - Advanced Play Therapy Seminar

Is an internship or practicum required?

An internship/practicum is not required. All students have the option to arrange an internship/practicum depending upon their individual needs. TUH staff is available to assist with this process.

What are the benefits of taking these courses?

  • Graduate certificate in specialized practice of play therapy
  • Courses provide instruction in history, theories and applications of play therapy consistent with APT requirements for instruction in these areas and as such satisfies the 150 hour RPT credentialing education requirement.
  • Completion of the certificate will provide 150 hours of specific play therapy instruction meeting one of the requirements to secure the RPT (Registered Play Therapist) credential. The RPT is a credential issued by the Association for Play Therapy (APT). APT is the primary professional organization dedicated to the field of Play Therapy whose mission is to promote the value of play, play therapy and credentialed play therapists. To apply for RPT certification an application process is required which includes additional credentialing requirements of license for independent clinical practice, general clinical experience, and supervised play therapy experience. For more information regarding complete APT credentialing process visit the APT website at www.a4pt.org and click on credentials link.
  • Temple University Harrisburg is an APT approved continuing education provider. #07-206
  • Please note that the Graduate Certificate in Play therapy does not certify individuals in Play Therapy. It provides educational play therapy coursework and satisfies the APT´s 150 instructional hour requirement to apply to become an RPT/RPT-S. Upon completion of the certificate program one can list its credential as Graduate Certificate in Play Therapy.

Will it ever be offered again or at another location?

Offering the program for future cohorts of students will be determined by the number of qualified applicants.

What does it cost?

The cost is the regular graduate tuition rate. For 2016-17 the tuition rate is $877 per credit hour.  Participants are responsible for any textbooks required in the courses.