SFW Credential Recertification

Temple University Harrisburg is proud to announce the recertification process for individuals holding the Credential for Strengths-based Family Workers (SFW). One key standard of a credentialing program is that there is a process for ensuring that recipients continue to demonstrate competence through a recertification process. Goals of recertification processes are generally to assess the core knowledge and skills, assess knowledge and skills in a specific area of practice, encourage continued professional development, ensure maintenance of competence and promote lifelong learning. (National Organization for Competency Assurance Basic Guide to Credentialing Terminology, 2006)

Recertification of SFW Credentialed workers is required every three years. The recertification process must be complete by the end of the calendar year in the year it is due. However, we have extended this year's deadline until May 1, 2017.

It is important to note that all individuals who completed the FDC and then received a “grandfathered” SFW credential will be the first group due for recertification. These individuals may begin the recertification process as early as November 2015 and must complete by May 1, 2017. Additionally, anyone who received their SFW credential prior to December 31, 2013 is due to recertify by this same date, May 1, 2017.
Individuals receiving their credential in 2014 will be due for recertification by December 31, 2017. Their recertification course will launch in January 2017.

Former FDC Credentialed workers: If a worker was eligible for a grandfathered SFW Credential but has not yet applied they must first apply for a grandfathered SFW Credential and then complete the recertification requirements (deadline for recertification of grandfathered credentials is  May 1, 2017). Complete the Grandfathering application here

1. Participate in an Online Learning session (approximately 90 minutes) followed by a quiz
2. Complete one HRI and one SFW Family Goal Plan with a family and answer reflection questions

Workers must pass the quiz and demonstrate practice behaviors in the Family Goal Plan in order to “pass” and be awarded the recertification

• Workers register for the online learning session SFW Recertification Part 1 and submit a $25 registration fee. Register for Part One Here
• Upon completion of Part 1, workers register for SFW Recertification Part 2 for $75 and will receive instructions for the practical assignment (HRI, Family Goal Plan & reflection questions). Register for Part Two Here
• Workers may register for both Part 1 & Part 2 at the same time and pay the total fee of $100. They will be enrolled in Part 2 upon completion of Part 1.

• For complete step by step instructions on course registration and how to access online materials: Please click here.

• If a worker fails to complete the recertification process by the end of the calendar year in the year it is due they will be considered “not credentialed.”
• Workers may apply for reinstatement for up to one year after their credential has lapsed. There will be a $60 Reinstatement fee. Upon payment of the Reinstatement fee the worker may complete the recertification process as outlined above including the fees.
• If a worker goes beyond two years without seeking reinstatement and recertification they will no longer be eligible and must complete the SFW course again in order to receive the credential.