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This program provides credentials in the form of a post graduate certificate to professionals in the mental health, counseling and social work fields. Professionals may also complete part (or all) of the program for continuing education credit. Graduate students interested in enrolling in these courses as electives are encouraged to apply, as well.


Course Schedule

Fall 2019 - Course 4, Advanced Play Therapy Practice

Spring 2020 - Course 5, Advanced Seminar 

Summer 2020 - TBA

Temple University Harrisburg is an APT approved provider 07-206 of play therapy continuing education training in Pennsylvania.  Play therapists are trained “in applying the therapeutic power of play to communicate with and treat clients, particularly children.” (see the Association for Play Therapy website at www.a4pt.org)

Child playing with toy house

Temple University Harrisburg is offering graduate students and professionals in Pennsylvania the opportunity to earn a 15 credit Post Graduate Certificate in Play Therapy. Temple University Harrisburg recognizes the relevance and validity of play therapy and the need for a comprehensive, high quality academic program in this community. Research has concluded that Play Therapy is an effective intervention for a broad range of children's and family's difficulties (Reddy, Files-Hall & Schaefer, 2005). It is a structured, theoretically based approach to therapy that builds on the normal communicative and learning processes of children (Carmichael, 2006; Landreth, 2002; O'Conner & Schaefer, 1983).

The courses within this program will prepare students and behavioral health professionals in the community to meet the 150 hours of play therapy-specific educational requirements to become a Registered Play Therapist which is a credential issued by the Association for Play Therapy, Inc. (APT). APT is the primary professional organization dedicated to the field of Play Therapy whose mission is to promote the value of play, play therapy and credentialed play therapists.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must hold a minimum of a master's degree from an accredited college or university in one of the following disciplines: social work, counseling, counselor education, psychology, school psychology, rehabilitation counseling, marriage and family therapy, or a closely related mental health graduate program.  Graduate students in related disciplines at Temple may also apply or take courses as electives.  Interested students should contact us at pthbg@temple.edu.

Educational Objectives

  • Prepare students and behavioral health professionals for service and leadership in private and community settings, as well as private and public schools by developing professional competence and character in the specialized field of Play Therapy

  • Promote and support the healthy development and welfare of children and families through the process of Play Therapy

  • Provide high quality academic training, supervision and learning resources for students and mental health professionals in the community

  • Provide quality instruction and opportunity for research regarding current evidence based practice in play therapy

  • Provide opportunities for professional development and specialization to earn the 150 hours of specific Play Therapy instruction to secure the Registered Play Therapist credential

  • Temple University is an APT Approved Provider (#07-206)

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Current Play Therapy Scheduling

Note: * Program proposal has been created to reduce the certificate program to four courses; Plan A is contingent on Board approval of this proposal. In the event this is not passed, Plan B will be implemented.

A student must successfully complete courses 1-3 prior to enrolling in Course 4.