Freshman Year Experience

Freshman Year students enjoying a lunch at local restaurant

Temple’s Harrisburg campus was made for the student who is ready to get more out of Temple. The Freshman Year Experience (FYE) offers a small, collaborative learning environment with all the access and benefits of a world-class institution. Beginning your Temple career in Harrisburg will open your mind to the excellence, the resources and the success you need to become TempleMade.

Here are some key benefits of enrolling in FYE:

  • Strong community of peers, advisors, and faculty & staff

  • Smaller class sizes, allowing for high-impact learning and one-on-one

  • Tailored first-year courses

  • Introduction to Temple’s core values of - Learning, Ethics, Service & Respect

  • Access to all the benefits of the Temple Network while at the Harrisburg Campus

The Freshman Year Experience has curriculum that will help you transition from high school to a world-class university and prepare you for success. After your first year, students can automatically transfer to Main campus in Philadelphia but are free to transfer to other Temple campuses such as Ambler.

Learn about what degree programs you can start.


  • FYE alumni who transition to Main Campus the following year are in better academic standing than their peers.

  • 100% of FYE students meet one-on-one with their advisors allowing them to meet Fly in 4 requirements.

  • 100% of Temple Harrisburg faculty and staff are dedicated to making this experience worth it.