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Our Mission

Temple University Harrisburg partners with high schools in the Capitol region in the design of programs to facilitate the successful transition of students to undergraduate degree programs. Successful completion of courses in each program earns university credit. University instructors, dedicated staff,  small class size, and course content combine to support students’ adaptation to college level academic standards. We tailor course offerings to the goals and needs of specific student populations or the school district.

About Us

Milton Hershey School

Temple University Harrisburg has partnered with the Milton Hershey School in creating the College Transition Program.  High school students in their junior year apply to enroll in 15-credits of college level courses during their senior year. Courses are taught by Temple instructors.  Students have the opportunity to adjust to the academic course-load of a typical first-year college student in a supportive structure and environment. General education courses, access to University resources, and a seminar prepare students in advance for the academic challenges and adjustments of a full time undergraduate.