What We Can Do for You

At NEST, we bring together the expertise and skills of Temple’s faculty, staff and students to work directly with you to serve your clients through innovative and research-supported approaches.


NEST is prepared to assist you with your evaluation needs, whether it be to assess your program’s true impact on the community, to track process integrity, or to satisfy the requirements of a grant.  We at NEST are happy to serve you with over 30 years of combined research and evaluation experience.

Some of the organizations that NEST has provided evaluation services for include state agencies such as the Department of Education, Department of Aging, and Department of Health; nonprofit organizations like The Foundation for Enhancing Communities and Family Health Councils of Central Pennsylvania; and county government offices like Dauphin County Department of Drug and Alcohol Services.


Needs Assessments:

A needs assessment can identify gaps in services, current community desires, and the difference between those wants and the current conditions.   An effective needs assessment requires a systematic approach to provide the best picture of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.  All members of NEST have the tools necessary to effectively design and implement a needs assessment for your organization. 

Some of the entities that NEST has partnered with on needs assessment projects include organizations like the United Way of the Capital Region, Philadelphia’s Mayor’s Office of Community Services, Lower Paxton Youth Center, and Adams County Community Foundation. 


Continuing Education and Training:

Whether you are seeking to learn new skills or preparing for a new professional endeavor, Temple NEST can help you.  NEST’s trainings can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization or the changing demands of the nonprofit sector.  NEST also offers additional training opportunities through the Enhancing Communities Learning Series (ECLS).


Capacity Building:

We thrive on assisting organizations to realize their goals. While NEST offers many services such as conducting evaluations, needs assessments, and literature reviews, one of our biggest strengths is helping you to increase the capacity of your organization by providing you with the tools and knowledge to be able to complete these tasks on your own. We can help you develop efficient processes, increase your knowledge and skills through personalized training, coach you on how to manage and interpret your own data, and expand your understanding of sustainable management practices

A few of the entities that NEST has partnered with for capacity building support include organizations like Clinical Outcomes Group, Inc., Family Health Councils of Central Pennsylvania, and Dauphin County Department of Drug and Alcohol Services.