Grandfathered SFW Application

Last Name:  ______________________________

First Name: ________________________       Middle Name/Initial:  ________________

Address:  __________________________________________________________________

Address2: _________________________________________________________________

City/State/ Zip Code:  ________________________________________________________

Phone #:  __________________________________

D.O.B.: ________________________ Gender (M/F):  ______________

Email Address:  _______________________________________________________

Current Employment:  __________________________________________________

# of Years in Position:  ___________________

Work Address:  ______________________________________________________________________

Work City/State/Zip:  __________________________________________________________________

Year Earned FDC:  ________________    State Earned FDC: ______________

Agency that provided training:  __________________________________________________

FDC Instructor Name: ___________________________________________________

Use FDC Concepts in Current Job?  (Y/N):________________________

Highest Education Level Completed:  _____________________________

Completed FDLC (Y/N): ________________  Year Completed FDLC: ________________

Completed Instructor’s Institute Y/N:_____________  Year Completed: __________________

Year last served as an instructor for FDC class: _______________

Completed Portfolio Adviser (Y/N):_______________ Year Completed: __________________

Year last served as an Adviser for FDC class: ______________

How should your full name appear on the Credential?


Download the Application

In order to receive the SFW credential you must have earned your FDC credential previously.

Please submit the application along with a $10 fee for processing to:

Temple University – Harrisburg Campus
234 Strawberry Square
Harrisburg, PA  17101
Attn.:  Myka Piatt

Please make the check or money order out to Temple University

If you have any questions you may contact Myka Piatt at