Personal Care Home Administrator Training Program


To expand the capacity of individuals, professionals, and organizations to provide safe and supportive residential care for dependent adults by providing an affordable, high quality course for Personal Care Home Administrators.


There are two types of Personal Care Home Administrator Training Courses as part of the many Continuing Education and Professional Development opportunities at Temple University Harrisburg.

Temple University Harrisburg offers training to meet the requirements of new personal care home administrators and administrator candidates as well as the annual education requirements of current or veteran personal care home administrators.

Through the Professional Development and Continuing Education Offerings, individuals who are interested in becoming Personal Care Home Administrators in PA can take the required 100 Hour initial course. According to the statute PA 55 Section 2600.64 (a)(2) regarding administrator training and orientation: Prior to initial employment as an administrator a candidate shall successfully complete a 100 hour standardized Department approved administrator training course.

Temple University Harrisburg’s Institute on Protective Services offers a number of different courses for Personal Care Home Administrators to meet their annual training requirements. According to Section 2600.64(c) regarding current personal care home administrators an administrator shall have at least 24 hours of annual training relating to job duties. The Department-approved administrator training course specified above in Section 2600.64 (a) regarding candidates fulfills the annual training requirement for the first year.


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