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SSW Field Education

About Field Education at Temple:

The Council on Social Work Education recognizes the importance of Field Education by declaring it the profession’s Signature Pedagogy. Temple University’s School of Social Work supports this concept and therefore gives significant credence to this component of the MSW curriculum.

Field Education is one of the most important and exciting components of social work education. Human service and social change agencies provide settings in which students are challenged and supported in the integration of theories and practice skills. The School of Social Work at Temple University Harrisburg partners with hundreds of public and nonprofit organizations in Pennsylvania and surrounding states in order to provide MSW students with high quality field education experiences. Field Education programs are coordinated by the TUH Office of Field Education for the Harrisburg campus and its satellite programs.

Social work students work closely with the Office of Field Education in identifying placement sites appropriate to curriculum objectives, learning goals and individual interests. In many cases, the Field Education Specialist also serves as the liaison between the School of Social Work and the field placement agency during the academic year.

The Office of Field Education recognizes the changing needs of students in our ever evolving profession, and thus provides several options for students to complete their field work. With careful planning and approval**, students may be able to take advantage of the following field options:

  • Traditional Community Based Field

  • Employment Based Field: students already working in a social service agency may be permitted to complete at least a portion of their field practicum within their place of employment

  • Traditional Fall/Spring Option: Students engage in a concurrent model of field and practice courses.

  • Spring/Summer Option: Students take the first required practice course in the fall semester, entering field in the spring semester, continuing practicum through the summer. This allows students to plan field according to work requirements and take advantage of unique placement opportunities, as well as allows students with more summer availability to use their time more effectively in the MSW program.

  • Summer Block Placement Option: Students would perform a concentrated block placement the summer following the required practice courses. This approach allows students to perform field work during a concentrated time period that better fits their schedule, also allowing for out of state or international placements.

**Students should not assume that their choices will be approved, and should work closely with the Office of Field Education to develop a meaningful field placement that meets School and CSWE requirements.

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