Pennsylvania Collaborative

Pennsylvania Partnership for Healthy Youth

A Collaborative for Adolescent Sexual Health


Purpose/Mission:  To improve the health of Pennsylvania's youth by increasing the coordination and quality of initiatives that impact adolescent sexual health.



We envision a future in which Pennsylvania’s adolescents are sexually healthy, indicated in part by the lowest rates of teen pregnancy, HIV and STD in the nation.   Furthermore, we envision that communities will value comprehensive sexual health as an integral part of youth development. 

We envision all young people having access to coordinated sexual health programs and services with a particular focus on vulnerable populations.  Youth will be provided with comprehensive sexuality education across a variety of settings.  High quality sexual health services will be tailored to meet the needs of youth, their families and their communities, and be provided in a confidential and culturally sensitive manner.

We envision that agencies and organizations providing programs and services for youth will fluidly share information and resources including best practices, innovative models, materials, training and technical assistance.  Common performance measures will provide understanding of the collective effectiveness of programs and services and will spur improvement and innovation.

We envision that public-private partnerships will support adolescent sexual health by sustaining policies and resources needed for high-quality, cost-effective, youth-centric programs and services.


Temple University Harrisburg’s Role: 

TUH serves as the backbone of the Collaborative.  TUH provides infrastructure and communications, guides vision and strategy, and supports aligned activities.  Contact Chris Dubble at for more information.


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