Student experiences virtual reality in class at Temple Harrisburg

Student using virtual reality
Here is a photo of Mike Genna, one of our ​Temple University School of Social Work ​foundation MSW students​ at Temple Harrisburg​. 

Mike​ is participating in a​ Virtual Reality or​ V/R simulation of a waiting room in James Corbin's Foundation Practice I course.  The exercise ​was designed to help student assess non-verbal communication​ manifested in facial expressions, para-verbal communication, and body posture​​.  The V/R program was created by Sean Maxwell, the IT Administrator at Temple Harrisburg to assist MSW students develop clinical assessment skills​ in a novel and fun way.

Sean consulted with clinical faculty member James Corbin and practice instructor Lisa Zoll in developing the scenario, characters, and appropriate skills identification to create the virtual space and its parameters.  In this photo, Mike was observing and 'visiting' clients in the virtual space.  Mike's colleague students​ who were seated behind him​ (and the V/R program designer, Sean Maxwell) helped Mike to navigate the system as well as completing a 'virtual quiz' at the end of the exercise.  Mike 'reached out' to responses on the quiz located on a white board in his Virtual Reality space.  Both students, faculty, and our "Magic Man" Sean Maxwell were excited about the future this technology may hold for social work professional training!