Temple Main Campus Students Start Fall Program at Harrisburg Campus

Capital Semester students standing with president Englert

Thirteen Temple students started their fall 2019 semester by becoming oriented to the state capital and their semester long adventure in state politics and policy making. As part of the Temple Capital Semester program, Temple juniors and seniors spend their days in full-time internships in state legislative and department offices. They take Temple classes in the evening at Temple’s Harrisburg campus, located across the street from capitol building. Five of the Temple students: Connor Graf, Katie Weaver, Charles Oberdick, Penny Pappas and Sean Welch attending Capital Semester program at Temple Harrisburg were selected for the PA House of Representatives Bipartisan Management Committee scholarships. Each year Temple nominates one or two students for the award. This year, the Temple student talent pool was so deep that Temple nominated five, and all five were selected.

In addition to attending the rigorous Temple Capital Semester program with the other Temple students, the five will receive additional training by the House staff members and a generous stipend, One of the features of this program is that each student will draft bill that gets introduced by a House member and sometimes passed, and each will have to make an oral presentation of their bill at the end of the semester and answer sometimes tough questions from House staffers. The Temple Capital Semester program is now accepting applications from Temple students interested in participating in the Spring 2010 program. Students can see program requirements and apply here.