Part-Time (Adjunct) Teaching Positions

Job Number: 




Job Description: 

Temple University Harrisburg is recruiting highly qualified professionals to fill non-tenure, part-time teaching positions at Temple University’s growing Harrisburg campus. Opportunities are available for Spring 2017 and beyond. Expansion of Temple programs in central Pennsylvania requires motivated, creative individuals interested in working in a growing, collaborative and dynamic academic environment.

Required Education & Experience: 

Graduate level degree required.

Required Skills & Abilities: 

Prior teaching experience is required.


Familiarity with course management systems is preferred.

Compliance Statement: 

In the performance of their functions as detailed in the position description employees have an obligation to avoid ethical, legal, financial and other conflicts of interest to ensure that their actions and outside activities do not conflict with their primary employment responsibilities at the institution. Employees are also expected to understand and be in compliance with applicable laws, University and. employment policies and regulations, including NCAA regulations for areas and departments which their essential functions cause them to interact.