Research & Evaluation


NEST’s mission is to foster healthy neighborhoods and communities by improving the performance of nonprofit organizations addressing critical issues and empowering underserved populations.


Temple University’s Network of Evaluation Services and Training Program (NEST) powers positive change in neighborhoods and communities by giving nonprofit organizations the tools to perform at their very best.

Nonprofits are recognized as the backbone of our communities, providing critical services and resources to people and places in need of champions.

Organizations that partner with NEST are better suited to effectively serve their communities through research, training and implementing best practices in the field.

NEST’s services are customized to meet the unique needs of each agency, community group or organization. Some of our services include:

  • Program evaluation - Measuring outcomes, promoting success

  • Needs assessments - Closing gaps, enhancing assets

  • Strategic planning - Looking ahead, achieving goals

  • Continuing education & training - Building skills, fostering insight

  • Database applications - Gathering information, making decisions

  • Literature review - Synthesizing knowledge, examining trends