Strengths-based Leadership Certificate

This flexible certificate program provides supervisors, managers,directors and emerging leaders with opportunities to learn and practice skills leading to a more empowered workplace. Individuals and organizations may choose to attend just the workshops that interest them or sign up for the complete certificate program. Participants who attend all five workshops, complete a final project, and present the project at a sixth meeting will receive Temple University Harrisburg’s Strengths-based Leadership Certificate.

2018 sessions are being held at Temple University Harrisburg and at the Chester County Government Services Center. Contact us to ask about hosting workshops at your organization.


Workshops and Registration Information

Workshop #1 - Strengths-based Leadership: An Overview

Harrisburg:  January 9, 2018      August 9, 2018
West Chester:  January 18, 2018

In this session participants will discuss what defines an empowering workplace and identify leadership styles that support empowerment. Through the skill of critical reflection, leaders will identify how their own skills, attitudes and knowledge compare to the core competencies of a strengths based leader. Participants will also reflect on the strengths of their own staff and organization and discuss how to leverage the strengths to overcome challenges.

Workshop #2 – Personal Skills for Strengths-based Leaders: Communication & Self-Care

Harrisburg:  February 15, 2018      September 18, 2018
West Chester:  February 5, 2018

Strength-based leaders value both strong communication and self-care skills. Communication plays a key role in creating an empowering workplace. In this workshop participants will learn and practice strengths-based communication techniques that will improve relationships and improve results. Leaders will identify practical strategies to try in their organization such as powerful questions, communicating through conflict and how to turn complaints into actionable statements of value. Additionally, participants will discuss how to identify and manage burnout, compassion fatigue and secondary post-traumatic stress in themselves and their staff.

Workshop #3 - Culture and the Strengths-based Leader

Harrisburg:  March 13, 2018      October 18, 2018
West Chester:  March 8, 2018

Strengths-based leaders have a broad definition of culture. In this workshop leaders will reflect on their own culture and how it has shaped their values and beliefs. Participants will discuss the impact that bias has on their work and learn strategies for addressing this bias. Cultural humility will be introduced as an approach to embracing and building on the strengths of a diverse staff and organization. Finally, participants will explore organizational culture and how it supports or blocks an empowering work environment.

Workshop #4 – Evaluation and the Strengths-based Leader: Performance Management

Harrisburg:  April 12, 2018      November 8, 2018
West Chester:  April 10, 2018

Strengths-based leaders don’t ignore concerns, they use strengths-based communication and goal planning approaches to help staff build on their strengths and overcome challenges. In this workshop leaders will practice giving and receiving strengths-based feedback, discuss goal plans, and identify the benefits of using tools to measure progress.

Workshop #5 – Strengths-based Leaders Impacting Change

Harrisburg:  September 21, 2017    May 8, 2018      December 5, 2018
West Chester:  May 1, 2018

Leaders at any level in an organization have the ability to impact changes that lead to a more empowering workplace.  As success depends on different types of collaborations, including those with other organizations, the role of Organizational Culture will be explored. In this session participants will discuss their vision for their team and what strategies they can take to implement it.


Strengths-based Leadership Certificate Requirements

To earn the Strengths-based Leadership Certificate, participants must complete the following within two years:

  • Attended each of the five Strengths-based Leadership Workshops
  • Complete a workplace project demonstrating application of strengths-based leadership
  • Attend a Final Presentation session and present an overview of your project goals and outcomes


Workshop and Certificate Fees

Individual Workshops: $75 each

Final Presentations and Certificate:$125 (available after attending each of the 5 workshops)   

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Full Certificate Registration fee $475


Continuing Education Credit

Earn up to 36 Social Work CE’s and 3.6 CEU’s

Each workshop within the certificate program has been approved for 6 continuing education hours through Temple University Harrisburg, a PA State Board of Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, and Professional Counselor pre-approved provider of continuing education.  These credit hours satisfy requirements for LSW/LCSW/LMFT/LPC biennial license renewal. 



“I have been more cognizant to hear my staff out, especially when I hear complaints. It used to rub me the wrong way, but now I have looked at it as an opportunity to respond and address them in a strengths-based way.”

-Strengths-based Leadership Participant (Harrisburg)

“The Strengths-Based Leadership training led to many thoughtful discussions that began to focus on solutions. It gave us an opportunity to begin to form a united team.”

-Georgette Dukes-McAllister, CEO, Welsh Mountain Health Center


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