Instructor publishes book on loss & grief

On October 1, 2017, a book co-authored by Instructor Lisa Zoll, LCSW was published and is available on  The book is entitled “Grief: The Event, The Work, The Forever – A self-help book brought to you by the letter ‘R’.”  The book is co-authored by Lynn Shiner who is a frequent guest speaker in her Loss & Grief classes and has co-authored a book about the murders of her two children by her ex-husband entitled, “Stabbed in the Heart:  Three Murdered Children, Two Resilient Mothers.”  The book grew out of an article that she and Lynn wrote about the loss and grief process entitled, “A Grief Trajectory.”  The article was published in July in Social Work Today ( The model is comprised of three concepts:  the event grief, the working grief, and the forever grief.  It is designed to eliminate stages, phases, and states of grief. It takes the pressure off the griever to meet expectations of other models.  There are no timeframes in this model.  It is nonlinear in nature and closure is not an expectation or a goal.

We realize that grief is complex, and everyone’s journey is unique. It is our hope that this book lays a foundation to help grievers understand common reactions to their loss(es), validate their grief responses, encourage the telling of their story, and provide supportive advice to family and friends Together, we wanted to develop a tool and a resource for the griever and the griever’s support system that could include family, friends, co-workers, clergy, victim advocates, social workers, counselors, psychologists, and any other person(s) who will be touched by the death. 

On October 12, Lisa will present an overview of the grief trajectory that she and Lynn developed at Temple University Harrisburg from 11:00-1:00 pm in their educational CEU series.  Two CEU credits are being offered to attendees.