Invest in Your Future

Temple University Harrisburg is the smart and affordable way to begin your academic career. 

Many of our students live at home, saving an average of $11,000 per year on room and board. Also, our flexible class schedules allow you to balance work with academics. 

Financial aid, a generous scholarship program and our innovative Fly in 4 Program have made it possible to get a world-class education at a state university price. 


Temple awards more than $100 million in scholarships each year, with many of our first-year students receiving academic scholarships. 

71% of incoming students receive financial aid. 

93% of incoming students participate in Fly in 4, Temple's program to help students reduce their debt by graduating on time. 

There is no separate application required for these scholarships. Additional details on eligibility considerations are posted on Temple's scholarship website

Fly in 4

Temple University Harrisburg students can minimize their debt by graduating in fours years. Temple's Fly in 4 program provides the resources you need to graduate on time and awards 500 need-based grants to students in each incoming class. If you meet the requirements of Fly in 4 and are unable to graduate in four years, your remaining course work is free. 

Learn more about Fly in 4

Temple University Harrisburg Tuition 

Temple University Harrisburg Tuition 
Semester Rate
Annual Rate
Part-Time Rate
(per credit hour)
PA Resident Out of State PA Resident Out of State PA Resident Out of State
$7,884 $13,764 $15,768 $27,528 $657 $1,147





Freshman Year Experience Grant

For PA residents, the Freshman Year Experience at Harrisburg Campus will cost $3,500 less than other Temple University campuses. Students are eligible for the tuition grant as long as they are enrolled full-time in both the fall and spring semester. This grant is separate from any additional aid students are eligible for with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and will not deter them from receiving additional assistance.



Contact our Admissions Representative - 

Laura Dimino, PhD
Assistant Director, Academic Programs
717-232-6400 ext. 232