The SFW Curriculum covers 14 modules of current, relevant and challenging topics that prove invaluable to strength based family workers.

Module 1: Overview/Orientation

Course Requirements, Competencies & Guiding Principles, Learning Styles, Critical Reflection 

Module 2: Strengths-based Family Development and the Help Giving Cycle

Strengths-based Approach, Effective Help Giving Cycle  

Module 3: Communication Skills For Strengths-based Family Workers

Empathy, Beginning a Helping Relationship, Non-verbal Communication

Module 4: A Broad Definition of Culture

What is Culture, Identify Your Own Culture, Organizational Culture

Module 5: Strengths-based Assessment and Measuring Progress

Powerful Questioning, Gathering Information, Scales and Other Assessments

Module 6: Developing Plans With Families

Family Goal Plan 

Module 7: The Impact of Bias

Identify Your Own Bias and Those of Customers,

Module 8: The Importance of Self Care

Stress Reduction, Support Systems

Module 9: Communication in Special Situations

Cross Cultural Relationships, Home Visiting, Hot Topics, Problem Solving   

Module 10: Community Resources

Referrals And Follow-up, Special Services, Support Groups

Module 11: Inequity

Poverty, Disparity, Impact of Policies and Procedures, Culturally Competent Organizations

Module 12: Lifelong Learning

Ethics, Professional Behavior, Boundaries, Appropriate Sharing of Information

Module 13: Family Community & Agency Systems

Appropriate Level of Intervention, Advocacy 

Module 14: Supporting & Strengthening Families through Transitions and Endings

Observation of Behaviors, Celebrating, How to Disengage from Relationships


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