Approved Provider Resources

Our mission is to provide professional development opportunities to ensure the strengths-based competence of workers in help giving agencies and systems. This requires a unique collaboration by community agencies and providers to embrace the strength-based approach and provide the leadership, skills and opportunities for their family workers to help families within their communities. The SFW curriculum will prove to be an invaluable education for your staff and anyone that provides help to families.  If you are interested in establishing your agency as a leader for promoting the strengths-based approach in your community, consider serving as an SFI Approved provider  Please contact for more information.

Getting SFW started in your community:

  • Steps to implementing SFW in your state

  • SFW in 10 Steps for Approved Providers

  • Sample of State Budget

  • Instructor Commitment

  • Learning Coach Commitment

  • Instructor and LC List

  • Class Budget

Marketing SFW in your community:

Marketing Family Development Trainings SFW Brochure

  • Instructor Testimonials

  • Participants Testimonials

  • One Page National Flyer

  • One Page Pennsylvania Flyer

  • SFW Overview

  • Sample Grant Language

  • Approved Provider Overview

“How Marketing Can Help You Do Family Development” by Betsy Crane


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