Nonprofit Resources

Temple Harrisburg Student Learning Center
Temple University Harrisburg Campus has a long history of involvement with nonprofits and community organizations. Through both partnerships, joint projects and capacity building efforts the Campus has directly and measurably enhanced the capacities of community organizations in central Pennsylvania.

The overall goal of Temple’s services to nonprofits is to stimulate nonprofit organizations to maximize their social impact as they provide services to address issues in their communities. Temple offers training and technical assistance to nonprofit organizations. Training is offered to provide skill development on management, resource development and administrative topics. Technical Assistance takes the form of one-to-one training to address issues specific to the organization and aid the organization in developing specific capacity.

Nonprofit Management

Temple has programs that relate to nonprofit management to could assist current administrators develop the necessary skills to lead organizations.

Grant Writing & Resource Building

Temple assists community groups in the exploration of building resources to support themselves and the services they want to provide.

Development of Direct Service Staff

Temple offers a wide range of training programs to build and enhance skills for direct service staff.

Research & Evaluation

Temple has extensive expertise that can be tapped by nonprofits to evaluate their services and operations.