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Meeting Space & Computer Lab Rentals

Temple University Harrisburg offers meeting rooms, computer labs, video conferencing and A/V equipment along with IT services.  Our state-of the art, 35,000 square foot facility located in Harrisburg's Strawberry Square has all the amenities and latest technology for your presentation needs.

Rental Pricing:

Our rentals are charged by hourly, half-day, or full-day rates.  Half-day rental rates are applicable to 4 hours or less, and Full-day rental rates are applicable to over 4 hours.  Hourly rates are only applicable to some rental spaces.

Please note that free technical support is available with any technology rentals (upon request).

How To Rent:

Fill out our rentals form to submit a request online.  Otherwise, contact Lydia Husband by phone at 717-232-6400 or email at

Rental Options:

See below for all of our rental options.

Student Learning Center

Student Learning Center

Capacity: 100

Hourly Rate: $100

The Student Learning Center is located on our spacious and recently renovated first floor.

Available Technology:

  • Desktop PC

  • Laptop PC

  • Computer lab with up to 14 desktops

  • Wireless casting and/or an HDMI cable connection for bringing your own device

  • Built-in HD projector with an in-ceiling hidden electric screen

  • Amplified podium with built-in microphone and LED light



Capacity: Up to 56

Half-day Price: $122.50

Full-day Price: $245

Available Technology:

  • Desktop PC

  • HDMI cable connection for bringing your own device

  • Built-in Projector and electric screen

  • Document Camera

  • Confidence Monitor *

  • Pan, Tilt, Zoom cameras (for IP-based web conferencing such as Zoom, WebEx, Skype, etc.) *

  • Ceiling microphones *

* Certain technology may not be available in all classrooms.  Please specify what technology is required when scheduling a rental.

Lecture Hall Seating

Lecture Hall

Capacity: Up to 160

Half-day Price: $182.50

Full-day Price: $365

Available Technology:

  • Desktop PC

  • HDMI and VGA cable connections for bringing your own device

  • Confidence Monitor

  • Built-in Projector and electric screen

  • Pan, Tilt, Zoom cameras (for IP-based web conferencing such as Zoom, WebEx, Skype, etc.)

  • Ceiling and lectern microphones

Computer Lab Environment

Computer Lab

Capacity: 40

Half-day Price: $397.50

Full-day Price: $795

Desktop Specifications:

  • Intel Core i5

  • 8GB memory

  • 120GB solid-state drive

  • Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit

Mobile Conferencing Cart

Mobile Conference Cart

Half-day Price: $207.50

Full-day Price: $415


  • Wireless speakerphone and microphone

  • Large LED Commercial Display (touchscreen optional)

  • Mini computer (mounted behind TV)

  • Pan/tilt/zoom camera with remote control

  • Wireless keyboard with trackpad

  • WiFi connection or hardwired option

  • Can be configured in any location to allow for video conferencing with any Windows software (Skype, WebEx, Hangouts, etc.)

Smart AV Lectern

Smart AV Lectern

Half-day Price: $262.50

Full-day Price: $525

Internal desktop PC running Windows 10 and Microsoft Office suite, a ceiling mounted HD projector, document camera, DVD/Blu-ray player, HDMI connection for laptop, television for dual-content presenting, and more...

Multimedia Projector

Multimedia Projector

Half-day Price: $75

Full-day Price: $150

Connect your laptop to our ceiling mounted or portable high definition, widescreen projector with HDMI, VGA, and audio inputs/outputs are available.

HDTV & Media Player

HDTV & Media Player

Half-day Price: $25

Full-day Price: $50

HDTV with VCR, DVD, or Blu-ray player


Teleconferencing phone

Conference Phone

Half-day Price: $50

Full-day Price: $100

Conference phone with remote microphones and mute switches

Flip chart on a easel

Flip Chart

Half-day Price: $10

Full-day Price: $20

Flip chart with easel and markers