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Student Spotlight

Darria Stafford Williams family photo

Temple University Harrisburg Alumni Success Story

"Today was my first day and it was great!" My supervisor said that they had conducted an "endless search" to find the right candidate for this position since the chosen individual will have the responsibilty of the contract riding on their performance during this school year. She said the dictrict's Administrators had set nearly impossible standards that they wanted the chosen candidate to possess. So, I and my "Temple Made" self, blew them away at all THREE job interviews. I was confidently able to discuss evidence-based practice, SW Code of Ethics, the need for culturally competent professionals in an urban setting, accurate data collection and analysis, creating topic-specific therapeutic support groups for students and incorporating Play Therapy in sessions and groups, among other things.

Needless to say, I am well prepared to meet and hopefully exceed everyone's expectations. I am deeply appreciative of each of you for your guidance, leadership, expertise, counsel, and teachings that I benefitted from during my time at TUH! I was blessed to have each of you contribute to my MSW education and words can't adequately express my gratitude. THANK YOU so much!!  I'm ready for this position, the students, and the new journey upon which I am about to embark. Going through the MSW program was challenging at times; but, now that I'm on the other side of things, I clearly see how necessary every class was in properly preparing me for my purpose.

- Darria Stafford Williams, MSW