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Take Charge of Your Future near the State Capital

Applying to college shouldn't be hard. 

That's the approach we take at Temple University. Our goal is to make the online admissions process as clear and convenient as possible.  For any questions about the process, our recruiter in Harrisburg is a phone call or email away.

We don't think location should be a barrier either. As a first-time college student, you can start your Temple career right at Temple University Harrisburg.

On the application, you can now apply to both the Philadelphia and Harrisburg campuses at the same time. By selecting Harrisburg as your first choice and main campus as your second choice, you can be considered for admisssion at both locations.

How to Apply

To apply to Temple University Harrisburg, you can use the Temple University online application or the Common Application. On the application, you will prompted to list Harrisburg as either your first or second choice of campus. Applying costs $55 unless you qualify for a fee waiver (freshmen only).  Please contact your high school guidance counselor for assistance with requesting a fee waiver.

New for Fall 2019, all first time freshman applicants are required to SELF REPORT high school grades.  This means that an application is not complete until this is done.  Unless you are specifically prompted to submit an official transcript from your high school, do not do so at the time of application.  You will self-report your high school courses and grades through our TUportal once your application has been added to our system.  Be sure to activate your TUportal account and check back regularly for updates!

  • When entering your high school courses and grade information, you must use your own transcript, provided by your high school, to enter courses and grades exactly as they appear on your transcript.

    • Inaccurate or false information could result in a review by our admissions committee and revocation of admission.

  • Entering courses:

    • Enter all attempted courses for grades 9 through 12, including pass/fail courses. If you have repeated a course, you will enter it twice.

    • Choose the correct level for the course (college prep, AP, IB, etc.).

  • Entering grades:

    • Enter only final grades for courses in grades 9 through 11, whether they are semester, trimester or year-long courses.

    • Do not add weight to your grades. Enter your grades exactly as they appear on your transcript.

    • You can select “In-progress” if you are currently completing senior coursework and do not have grades OR enter a current grade (even if not final).

When to apply

March 1st was the deadline to apply for first time undergraduates. If you have any questions about this, please contact our recruiter, listed below. If you are a transfer student, you have until June 1 to apply. 

Most students apply in the fall of their senior year of high school. Temple accepts students based on Early Action and Rolling Admissions. The sooner you apply, the better.

Early Action
Students interested in Early Action must submit and complete their application by November 1st.  There will be no extensions to this deadline.  We begin reviewing Early Action applications in September and we will notify students of their decision by January 10th. Early Action is not binding.

Rolling Admissions
Students who apply Rolling Admissions can expect to receive a decision from us about 6 weeks after their application is "complete" in our system, but it could take longer than 8 weeks.

Application Dates to Remember:

November 1 - Freshman Early Action Deadline

January 10 - Early Action Decision Deadline

February 1 - Freshman Application Deadline for Fall Semester

March 1 - FAFSA Financial Aid Application Deadline

May 1 - Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) Deadline for state grants

Financial Aid

Attending a university is an important investment in your future. As a public related university in Pennsylvania, Temple offers you a high quality education at an affordable price. There are grants specifically for students who start at the Harrisburg campus; applicants who submit FAFSA are automatically considered for all other financial aid available. Most importantly, applicants and their
families should complete the FAFSA as soon as possible, but no later than MARCH 1. Pennsylvania residents who qualify for state grants from PHEAA must complete that separate application by May 1.

View Temple information for all undergraduates

Admission to Temple

Your High School Performance
We're looking for students who are serious about academics, with at least a B average in high school classes, and in the 3.0 range in college-prep courses. We also look for a well-rounded academic background, with a minimum of 16 units from the course distribution in the following chart:

Suggested High School Course Distribution
Subject   Units  
English   4  
Mathematics, College Preparatory   4  
Foreign Language (same language/culture)   2  
History/Social Studies   3  
Science (2 years lab)   3  
The Arts   1  
Other College Preparatory Courses   3  

Temple also awards college credit to students who participated in the Advanced Placement program while in high school.  View the Temple University course equivalencies.

Applicants to all campuses are evaluated by the same admissions standards.

Standardized Test Scores OR the Temple Option

On your application you must choose to submit your SAT or ACT scores, OR select the TEMPLE OPTION. This is a personal and individual decision that you should weigh carefully prior to beginning your Temple application. Once you make this choice, it cannot be changed. Temple Admissions will evaluate your application based on either your test scores or the quality of the Temple Option
essays you write. We suggest you talk with our recruiter about this important decision before you apply.

Typically, applicants take the SAT or ACT in the spring of the junior year in high school or in the fall of the senior year. You must request that the College Board send official results directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at Temple University.

The Temple Option is an admissions path for students with excellent academic records whose potential for academic success is not accurately captured by standardized test scores. Students who choose the Temple Option will submit self-reflective, short-answer responses to a few specially designed, open-ended questions. Once you choose the Temple Option, test scores will no longer be
considered even if you submit them to Temple.


Questions about how to apply to Temple University Harrisburg? Contact our Admissions representative: