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Transfer to Temple Harrisburg and Earn your Bachelors Degree in Liberal Studies

Turn your Associate’s into a Bachelor’s degree from Temple University Harrisburg. Temple University Harrisburg’s transfer program is made with you in mind! If you’ve taken 15 or more college-level credits after high school graduation, you could be considered for transfer admission to Temple Harrisburg.

When to Apply

For most programs, transfer students need to complete the application process by June 1 for the fall semester or by November 1 for the spring semester. Be sure to find out if there are additional requirements for your program, such as a portfolio or audition. We encourage you to submit an application much earlier than the deadline in the semester before you are looking to transfer, as we can review most applications without needing to see your current, "in-progress" grades.

Dates to remember:

Application deadline for fall 2018 semester - June 1, 2018

Application deadline for spring 2018 semester - Extended to December 8, 2017

How to Apply

The best way to apply is through your TUportal account, which you can also use to check your application status and more. To join TUportal, sign up for our mailing list. We’ll send you an email with instructions within 24 hours.

You can also apply using Temple’s online application, by downloading and filling out the PDF or via the Common Application. Applying costs $55.

Along with your application, you’ll need to send all of your official high school and college transcripts to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at Temple University.


Students need to meet a language requirement of at least 2 levels OR pass a language assessment.  See the placement assessments.

Prospective transfer Students need 5 upper level courses in one social science concentration (a total of 15 credit hours); Harrisburg students are encouraged to choose Psychology.

Students also need four upper level courses in other social sciences (for example, history, political science, economics, criminal justice, sociology) and two upper level courses in the humanities departments (e.g., philosophy, English,  religion, other languages).

Fall 2018

For Fall 2018, Students may enroll in HIST 3105, 20th Century America at our Harrisburg campus, from 5:30- 8:15 p.m. on Wednesdays.

Learn and excel at your own pace by taking ALL other courses online. In the major, students will take the following enrolled as a Temple University student:

  • CLA 1002, Professional Development (1 credit)

  • CLA 2096, Approaches to Liberal studies (3 credits)

  • Psychology 1004 or Phil 1055  Critical Thinking (3 credits)

  • AMST 2098, Reading Culture (3 credits)  (cannot be enrolled in same semester as CLA 2096)

The Process

Once applications are submitted and your application fee is paid, Admissions will review to determine how many of your credits transfer. Once admitted, the College of Liberal Arts will determine what is needed to complete the degree and their general education requirements. All General Education classes are conveniently offered through Temple Harrisburg.

Each student must complete a minimum of 45 credit hours at Temple to earn a degree from us.

What exactly is needed depends upon what is completed already.

Get started today!

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Not interested in liberal studies? For more options that might be available to you, contact the Assistant Director for Academic Programs:

Laura Dimino